Eliminating The Bugs Of Your House

Eliminating The Bugs Of Your House

The Buzz On Beehive Removal - How To Eliminate Honeybees Without Getting Stung

by Caitlin Harvey

If you have noticed a honeybee hive on your property in an area where people frequent, you will want to take steps in its removal to keep people safe from injury and annoyance. Honeybees are likely to become agitated if you do not take proper precautionary steps in removing their hive. Here are some tips to use to remove a honeybee hive without becoming stung in the process.

Know Your Allergic State

If you had never been stung by a bee in past, it is best to take precautions in case something goes wrong where a bee does get agitated enough to sting. Pass the bee removal on to someone who is positive they are not allergic. You could also call a local beekeeper to do the dirty work in exchange for the hive to for honey collection. A pest control service could also be called in to remove the hive so you do not put yourself at unnecessary risk of injury.

Strike During The Right Time

Honeybees will be less likely to be alert and ready to sting during times when it is dark outside. The best time to try removing a hive is right before daylight as the bees will be nestled in their hive awaiting a new day to forage for pollen. If the hive has been in place for quite some time, the best time for removal is when winter has passed. The bees will be at their lowest population at this time, making it less likely you will be stung when you go about removal methods.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Honeybees will become more active when they see bright colors, as these are associated with the colors of flower blooms. Beekeepers wear all white apparel as they know this helps keep bees docile. Do the same and don a white long-sleeved shirt, white pants, and white hat protection. Consider covering your face and neck area with netting before putting a hat over it to keep it in place. Use white gloves as well. This outfit will help protect your skin from bee stings as you tackle hive removal.

Add Chemicals And Remove

The best way to remove a hive is by spraying pesticides at it from a distance away. Most bee-killing agents will spray several feet so you will be able to run for cover quickly after your initial saturation. Aim for the hive, spray, and run for cover. Do this each early morning for several days in a row. Take notice of how many bees you see in the area during the daytime hours each day. When they seemed to have subsided, you can take the hive down knowing there are likely to be very little stragglers left to harm you. Slide a garbage bag under the hive and knock the top portion downward so it falls inside. Quickly tie and place in a garbage bag for collection.


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Eliminating The Bugs Of Your House

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