Eliminating The Bugs Of Your House

Eliminating The Bugs Of Your House

What To Do When Black Racers Threaten To Enter Your Enclosed Back Porch

by Caitlin Harvey

If you find several, large black snakes dangling on the screens, posts and doors of your enclosed back porch, take steps to keep the reptiles out of the room now. The reptiles you see are most likely black racers. Racers are quick and agile non-venomous snakes that live in the Eastern United States and in some Southern states. They live mostly outdoors but will occasionally enter structures if they find a way inside them, such as through an opened window or damaged screen door. Here's more information about black racers and what you can do to keep them out of your enclosed back porch.

What Are Black Racers?

Black racers receive their names from the way they speed or slither across grass, concrete and other surfaces. Adult racers tend to be all black with white necks and bellies, while baby snakes can be tan or gray with irregularly-shaped brown or red blotches covering their backs and sides. Adult and baby racers tend to shy or run away from humans but will stand their grounds and strike if provoked or scared. Although the snakes have small teeth, they can bite if you come too close to them or accidentally step on them. The bites can be produce bleeding in the skin.

Racers generally hunt for lizards, small frogs and even other snakes. If these animals frequent your porch, it may be the reason you see the snakes. If your porch doesn't sit directly on the ground, the snakes may hide below it to access prey.

The reptiles may inadvertently enter your porch through holes, tears or other openings in screens or doors. To protect your home and family from bites, take steps to secure the porch and reduce the snake population on your property.

What Can You Do About the Snakes?

The most important thing you can do to treat your snake problem is contact a wildlife removal contractor for help. Wildlife services may use scented live metal traps with small one-way doors to attract and retain the pests. The scent may mimic the natural odor of the snakes' prey to draw them in. The live traps allow officials to carry and relocate the animals to a location away from humans. 

You can use sticky snake traps to eliminate the pests on your property. However, this method is not considered humane or sanitary. In addition, snakes trapped on the sticky pads may not perish right away. If you attempt to remove the traps, the snakes may bite you. It's important that you speak directly with a wildlife contractor before using any trapping method on your own. 

For more information about black racers, contact a wildlife removal service like Animal Solutions Pest Control


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