Eliminating The Bugs Of Your House

Eliminating The Bugs Of Your House

3 Pests That Can Damage The Structural Integrity Of Your Home

by Caitlin Harvey

Pests can start as a nuisance, but they can easily become a real danger to the structure of a home. Here's a look at some of the more problematic home-destroying insects.

1. Termites are Voracious Wood Eaters

Most people know termites can cause some damage. Unfortunately, until you've actually dealt with them, you may not know just how much damage they can do to a home. Termites like wood, so they can go to work on any of the wooden structural support of your home.

Because termites usually eat wood from the inside out, the damage can grow extensive before anyone notices. The good news is, if you catch them early you can usually fix any damage they cause.

If the termites go unnoticed for too long, they can literally weaken the integrity of your entire home. If you notice a sign of termites or even suspect termites, you need to act fast. Contact pest control professionals immediately.

2. Various Types of Ants Can Cause Trouble for Your Home

Ants can infest a home and become a nuisance like any other pest. In addition, some types of ants can cause your home real damage.

Carpenter ants – Black ants with a shade of red. These ants like to hollow out paths through wood. Over time, these ants will create a warren in the wood that weakens it tremendously. Carpenter ants will also make nests in your insulation.

Fire ants – These red ants can and will attack you. If fire ants get into your home, their attraction to your electrical appliances can cause power outages and damage to your wiring.

When a fire ant receives a shock from an electrical device, it releases a pheromone. This pheromone causes even more fire ants to show up. These ants can cause an electrical fire if left unchecked.

Other ant species out there display similar destructive behavior. You can't always easily discern what type of ant you're dealing with. Consider all ants a possible danger, and get help removing them as soon as possible.

3. Wood-Boring Beetles Lay Eggs In Your Wood

Wood-boring beetles lay eggs in cracks or holes they find in the wood around your home. When the larvae hatch, they feed on the wood. Some species of this beetles like softer wood, so they will most likely go to work on your floors or furniture. Some other species are just as comfortable making nests in hardwood.

The three pests mentioned here aren't dangers to your foundation unless you have a wood foundation. Nevertheless, the work they put in on the wood in your home can weaken the whole house to point where it becomes structurally unsound.

These aren't the only pests that can cause damage to your home. If you have an insect infestation of any type, you need pest control services to help identify and deal with them. Click here for more info on choosing a pest control service. 


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Eliminating The Bugs Of Your House

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