Eliminating The Bugs Of Your House

Eliminating The Bugs Of Your House

  • What To Do When Black Racers Threaten To Enter Your Enclosed Back Porch

    If you find several, large black snakes dangling on the screens, posts and doors of your enclosed back porch, take steps to keep the reptiles out of the room now. The reptiles you see are most likely black racers. Racers are quick and agile non-venomous snakes that live in the Eastern United States and in some Southern states. They live mostly outdoors but will occasionally enter structures if they find a way inside them, such as through an opened window or damaged screen door.

  • One Reason Why Your Mouse Trap Efficiency Has Declined

    When you realized you had a major mouse infestation, you immediately laid out a whole slew of traps to get rid of them. And at first, it worked: you were catching mice almost daily. But now you go weeks without catching one. What happened? Mice Have Incredibly Accurate Noses Like many indoor pests, mice rely on their incredible sense of smell to get them through life. However, mice have intensely powerful noses.

  • Don't Let A Moisture Problem Around Your Home Attract Termites

    When it comes to stopping termites, eliminating moisture is the most important rule. Termites gravitate to moist environments. If your home has moisture issues, you could actually be attracting termites. Make sure you first know some of the factors that increase moisture around your home and ultimately increase your risk of an infestation. Poor Landscaping Some homeowners large limbs because of their shade producing qualities. This can be a bad thing when it comes to termites.

  • The Surprising Real Dangers Of Bed Bugs

    If you know or suspect that you have a bed bug infestation, it's easy to panic. What do the little nocturnal crawlers mean for the safety of your home and the health of your family? There is good news and bad news. The good news is that researchers have found little evidence that bed bugs can transmit diseases to humans – a big concern for many households afflicted with the little pests.

  • Make Your Own Natural Homemade Squirrel Repellent

    If you have squirrels that keep eating all your pretty flowers and all the plants in your garden, or if you have squirrels that keep trying to get into your house through your window screens, you can get rid of the squirrels by making your own natural squirrel repellent. These repellents contain smells that squirrels find repugnant.  Natural Hot Pepper Repellent Spray Squirrels are not a fan of hot peppers; hot foods are not their thing.

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    Eliminating The Bugs Of Your House

    After living with a pest problem in our home for years, I kind of figured the bugs were there to stay. I had tried just about every kind of at-home treatment that I could think of, but nothing was working. It was frustrating, but I knew that there had to be something that could help. After failing for what seemed like the millionth time, I finally decided to work with a professional exterminator. The expert was incredibly proficient and knowledgeable about pest problems, and remarkably, he removed all of the pests from our house that day. This blog is all about working with a pro to eliminate pest problems.